Inauguration of Almazán Miquel (5th May 2017)


Thirty-one years with the Rusiñol Gallery! As every May, we safe this month for a “special” exhibition. This time we have chosen Lluís Almazán Miquel, who died in 2010. We can remember his three previous exhibitions with us.





In order to cover his physical absence, Marta —his widow— has joined us, and also other relatives and friends. We express our gratitude to the artist’s family for having made Luis’s legacy available, either to be admired again, or to be acquired.




In this exhibitios, first of all, we can find Luis Almazán’s typical “tackle”: milk churn, oil trucks, scrapping vehicles, old bikes (especially), sharpening springs, empty bottles, cookie cases… To all of these is added a more modern, more recent theme of the painter: the port activity, with boats moored, dykes and buildings emblematic of the port of Barcelona.





According to Josep Mª Cadena, beyond a tribute, this exhibition wants to be an «affirmation of the virtues of a painter at a time when society begins to be prepared to remember him». At this point there is an important question: painters have a short life if we take into account the time they need for their training. Although he has had an artistic trend since he was young, the painter begins to explain himself well when he is forty years old. At this stage he is already aware of what he wants to explain: his society, the future, etc. Then the painter is a witness of what he lives and also of collective aspirations…




The art critic has also expressed his opinion about the close relationship between what the Rusiñol Gallery tries to be and what Luis Almazán wanted to be. The meeting point is the “poetic realism”. In fact, the figuration —the style promoted by this Gallery— is defended because there is a spirit beyond what it is represented. The paintings —as we see in Almazán Miquel— represent what we see, but there is an added value of explanation…



Finally, Joan Peix —a great friend of Luis— and Marta took the floor. Mr. Peix described Luis as «an exceptional friend» who lived sharing love and friendship, leaving a legacy of light and life, reflected in his paintings. At the same time hi praised the spatial vision, the exquisite treatment of light and his realism, a reflection of his vitalism. Marta, on the other hand, expressed a heartfelt thanks and added simply: «It deserves everything that has been said».















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