Inauguration of Luis Pardo (9th June 2017)

Finally, we can have him with us!». Ignasi Cabanas welcomes Luis Pardo with these words. It is the first time that he is exhibiting at the Rusiñol Gallery. Although he was born in Matiana (Granada) in 1953, he has been adopted by Valencia. He lives in Alicante and he has addressed us in perfect “valenciano”.





With the title “Sea dreams”, he exhibits some pictures which are witnesses of the happy pictorial encounter between the light emanating from the old Al-Ándalus and the waters of the Mare Nostrum.




Mr. Josep M. Cadena defines Luis as a “marinist” who interprets the sea of the Mediterranean coast. «He interprets it because he is interpreting us. We know the sea… We are impressed by the different scenes that happen every moment in the sea… There are waves coming in, and other waves going back. These are not movements of the earth; they are a reflection of our souls, of our feelings».





«The artist has understood perfectly that the sea, very often, is a mirror of us. And so, we contemplate on quiet liquid surfaces, which remind us of the moments when everything works within us and we are at peace with the surroundings. But we can also contemplate on tempestuous scenes, in which excessive agitation and violence are imposed. The sun-star, in the form of a large eye, is the undaunted protagonist of these mood swings in which the waves easily pass from soft strokes to furious slaps that punish» (from Josep Mª Cadena’s writings).




The artist thanks the words of the art critic and the welcoming by the Rusiñol Gallery. Ignasi Cabanas got Luis to tell us a personal memory: from his youth, he felt the attraction for painting. He was living in France. In a French gallery, he offered a reproduction that he had made of a painting by Francisco Ribera. Luis remembers what they said: «You will be very good copyist, but here we need artists. When you are a creator, you will find us here…». He has not forgotten it and here we have him! And, in fact, his paintings have his own seal: «I try to interpret nature in my own way».



Time for questions! Someone said: «If I hung all the paintings that we see here, I would not feel any anguish; it would make me feel very happy in my house». This comment reflected very well the mood among the attendees. And an obligated question: «Do you paint directly outdoors or…?». He replied: «I usually make some notes and I complete them in the studio. The sea changes completely according to the day and the hour. You have to interpret nature. So I can shape my personal way of interpreting the sea».



















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