Inauguration of Màgic Andreu (8th september 2017)

The manager of the Rusiñol Gallery, Mr. Ignasi Cabanas, introduces the new art season and the current artist: Magic Andreu. His extraordinary exhibition matches collages with assemblages and sculptures.





Time for the art critic, Mr. J.M. Cadena: «We feel very comfortable with Màgic Andreu: when he appears on TV, in his talks, with his magic… He has shared all kinds of activities. He has worked in more than 80 trades; some of them are very curious: from to train dogs up to sell haberdashery products».




Mr. Cadena adds: «This exhibition is another aspect of Magic Andreu’s activity. He plays with the past and brings it towards the present. We can find in every picture something concerning our past. Life has magic features and real aspects that we have to discover».





The artist thanked the Rusiñol Gallery, Mr. Cadena and the attendees. «The artists and magicians are misunderstood. In these pictures I wanted to reflect my feelings and experiences». On the other hand, he gave some details about his social task in “Smiles without borders” where makes magic for sick children in hospitals and in other places.





Màgic Andreu answered the questions of some attendees. Finally, the inauguration ended in a fun way with the participation of some attendees in a magic show that the artist offered us.























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