Inauguration of Koyama (6th October 2017)


Through the painter Shigeyoshi KOYAMA (1940) we fully enter in our season 2017-18. His work is a peculiar symbiosis between this Japanese painter and the Catalan Cadaqués. This story started in the 70’s.






In fact, it was at 1970 when Koyama arrived at the maritime Cadaqués coming from Paris. It was not a specially “scheduled” trip: he arrived there by chance, doing auto-stop. The artist felt captivated by this town: after two years he returned there. Dalí himself praised his paintings. Koyama is living in Cadaqués with his family for many years.




«Koyama paints a personal Cadaqués. We can see the same feature in his visions of Sicily and other places. Koyama’s figuration represents geographical locations, but always in terms of vital feelings. He knows how to look and he never paints what he is seeing, but what he is feeling. That is why in his paintings there is always a schematic sense impregnated with emotive ingenuity, which leads us to love the concept above the forms» (Josep M. Cadena).





«Koyama continues being what he was at his origins: a realistic and imaginary author, oriental and occidental painter, figurative and abstract artist. He is the author of which some critics have denominated “style Koyama”, which is a pure and consequent way of perceiving the world» (Josep M. Cadena).




The protocol of today’s inauguration has been different from usual. On the one hand, the painter is traveling far from Sant Cugat and he has not been able to be present. On the other hand, Míriam Cabans has been the one who has guided the presentation of the inauguration.





















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