Inauguration of Ulpiano Carrasco (9ht february 2018)


Ulpiano Carrasco has come expressly from Cuenca! He travels a lot around the world… This year he will present only three individual exhibitions: that of the Rusiñol Gallery is one of them.

An exclamation by Ignasi Cabanas seems to synthesize the impact of this exhibition: «It looks like spring!».




Ulpiano tells us that he has had a hard time for collecting this exhibition, since «the galleries have changed the method of working and, instead of focusing on individual exhibitions, they are now working more in a collective and permanent format. I have almost all the production distributed all over the world». The work that we see today in the Rusiñol Gallery has been produced in the last three years.





Let us go back to Cuenca! Mr. Josep M. Cadena: «Many years ago I was in Cuenca… In order to return to Barcelona I only found a ticket for going from Cuenca to Valencia and from Valencia to Barcelona. I took a detour through this Spanish land… I left impressed forever. It was in November!, and from the train I could admire that flowering and the strong presence of nature. After some time, when I met Ulpiano at the Galería Comas (in Barcelona) I said: ‘Cuenca comes to visit us’».





«Ulpiano is doing a work of transmitting the force of color towards others. The color gives vitality, strength, sense of happiness…, and also sense of reflection: they are colors to organize a life. We see that this artist organizes the fields in the painting, with the poppies, with the herbs that grow, with a city in the background… He also organizes those visions of the cities (each place, each house… are a manifestation of ways of being). The painting by Ulpiano Carrasco is a social painting, a style that teaches us how to live together with one another».


Let us listen to the artist: «Since I started, I have been very interested in technique, the way of doing things. For me, the procedures are fundamental: how do I resolve this, with which materials…». In this exhibition we discover three of these “procedures”: the flexible material; the using of pop ideas combined with impressionist strokes; and the figures with purplish colors (playing beyond color). The urban landscapes of New York are a good example of this.


















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