Inauguration of Ramon Vilanova (4th May 2018)

The Rusiñol Gallery, managed by the Cabanas family —Ignasi and Victòria— in coordination with Carme, reaches its 32ndanniversary. Our enthusiastic friends, an exceptional painter —Ramon Vilanova— and the Culture Councilor of the City Councilare with us today. The Councilor Carmela Fortunyhas highlighted the cultural service provided by the Gallery to the city of Sant Cugat del Vallès






The art-critic Mr. Josep M. Cadenawas the first to celebrate this anniversary: «Ramon Vilanova returns when the Gallery celebrates its 32ndanniversary of life. This long trajectory testifies to the constant commitment of Victòria and Ignasi in artistic dissemination, which is the source of personal and social improvement. The Rusiñol Gallery and Ramon Vilanova have been walking along the path of excellence for a long time. Let’s celebrate it and enjoy it!».






Mr. Josep M. Cadenalooked more than satisfied while he was presenting the artist. He has highlighted his great international projection, especially in the United States. Concerning his work: «Ramon captures the essence of nature that moves, since the field, flowers, forests… are not static, but they fight for survival through harmonious movement, pushed by circumstances.


The anthropological conclusion: «He paints the freedom of nature, the freedom of life in order to be manifested in the best possible way. Trees that are born and grow free to climb towards the sky of liberties. Thank you very much!».





This event was more than an inauguration: more than a celebration, it was also a tribute to the poet and painter Miquel Cabanas Alibau. Ramon Vilanovasurprised us with his testimony of how he met personally Miquel. On the other hand, Marisol E. and Jordi F. were added to this tribute by reciting some precious verses from the “poet of small and tiny things”…




The final words are from the Culture Councilor. Carmela expressed a triple thanks. First, thanks to the Cabanas family and to the Rusiñol Gallery because «it is not easy to do this for so many years». Second, to Josep M. Cadena for his veteran task of art criticism that illustrates our inaugurations. And, third, gratitude to the painter: we are often leaning on the small screen, but today in the Rusiñol Gallery —thanks to these paintings— we can enjoy nature from “the big screen”. «Thank you very much, Ramon!».























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