Inauguration of Juan Luis Jardí (8 june 2018)


Ignasi Cabanas welcomes Juan Luis Jardí. “This is the third Jardí’s individual exhibition that we introduce at our gallery. As always, the work of Jardí leaves nobody indifferent”.







Josep M. Cadena, our art-critic: “Jardí’s exhibition indicates us how should to be our society: a society believing in the magic of reality (…). His pictures are silent but they speak us about our activities”.





Mr. Cadena adds: “There is a picture that gives tittle to this exhibition: «Silence». It is a contradictory picture because on the one hand we can see a silent landscape, where waste predominates, and on the other hand there is a child who cries. This surprises me in a positive way, for this makes us to meditate about the past although this is a painting that looks at the future”.





Now the artist speaks to the attendees. First, he agrees their presence. Second, the artist says: “This exhibition is the outcome of some months of auto-exigence”. And, third, he adds: “Silence is essential for me. Every day I need it more. I always seek silence, but it is very difficult to find it”.

Time for questions! One of the attendees refers to the works where La Habana is the protagonist. Jardí answers: “I like Cuba. The first time I went there —more than fifteen years ago— this country fascinated me. In my opinion, Cuba is the most beautiful place in the world. It is a country of great personality, anchored in the past…”.



















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