Inauguration of Sabrina Sampere (6 september 2018)


We are starting the new art season. The Rusiñol Gallery’s director, Mr. Ignasi Cabanas, welcomes the attendees. After salutations, Mr. Cabanas reminds us that this is the third Sabrina Sampere’s individual exhibition at the Rusiñol Gallery. The first one was in 2002 when a very young artist appeared to the general audience of our city.





Mr. Josep M. Cadena: “The Sabrina Sampere’s style is characterized by the progress and affirmations of sensitivity. Her paintings are telling us more things than they represent. With the palms trees the artist is representing the person who is forming little by little, who is seeking the heaven and who is looking for the thought of the others. Her paintings are representative of the thought.





Mr Cadena continues: “Sabrina looks at the life, she interprets it and she rests convinced that what she has seen is explained in the best way. Finally, it is our own view that brings us closer or not to her. The artist does it through a very alive colours, which make us members and individuals of a society.




The artistis speaking: she thanks the attendees their presence, and she addresses some words of thanks to the Rusiñol Gallery because its managers have trusted in her from her youth.



Time for questions. The main topics: the significance of the palm trees and the abundance of colours in her paintings. Sabrina said: “Palm trees have had always space in my work. In my very first works —when I was painting near of my house, in the corner of the bell-tower of the parish of Sabadell—, palm trees were protagonist. After that, I began to travel, and I always was seeking the palm trees: in everywhere I found at least one of them. Concerning colours, I’ll tell us that they are something innate in me. There is no other explanation”.













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