Inauguration of Malvehy (4th october 2018)


Eduard Malvehy has been exhibiting at the Rusiñol Gallery from a long time: his most recent exhibition was three years ago and the current exhibition is the sixth with us. From each author we can get a message: in this case, we welcome the placid painting of Malvehy, precisely when we have returned to the noise and madness of the work calendar. If you want to relax, please, stay in front of this painting during some time





We have just started autumn and the strength of sunlight is losing its intensity. Coincidence or not, Eduard has brought some images with light attenuation, as we see at the sunrises (or sunsets?) of the New York skyscrapers with the lights on in the offices and floors of the buildings. Great magical effect!


Mr. Josep M. Cadena Mr. Josep Mª Cadena celebrates the return of Eduard Malvehy. He is absolutely right when he tells us that the work of this painter is a “participatory painting”: he knows how to represent cities (of Europe and the United States) with their main characteristics and their sense of order in relation to what are in themselves the city, the citizen and the society. These are works with positive color and well-structured images!




From the writings of Mr. Josep M. Cadena: «Malvehy’s pictorial creation is clean and tidy. The author doesn’t leave anything to hazard, but he sets clearly everything he wants explain about realities seen that he transforms in concepts of beauty».




Among the questions done to the painter, emerged the topic of the wateras an omnipresent element in his work. In fact, water is relaxing and acts as a good complement of the urban landscape. It could be emphasized the mirror effect of the water on the sea in front of the skyscrapers of New York or in the typical towns of the coast (Cadaqués, Calella)…



















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