Inauguration of Casas Anfruns (January 9th 2009)

It looks like Casas Anfruns and Mr. Josep Mª Cadena are having a friendly chat in the Passeig de Gràcia, facing the Pedrera. Actually, they are in front of the magnificent canvas filling up the display window of Rusiñol Gallery.

Ms. Sofi with Mrs. Maria Cartoixà.
Mr. Josep Mª Cadena gives us a foretaste of the artist’s work.
Mr. Ignasi Cabanas asking the artist to address the audience.
For the traditional raffle of the art note, Casas Anfruns’ wife ,Conxita, is the innocent hand. Joan, whose birthday happens to be, is taking care, as usual, of the whole process.
There are times when deciphering the words of the name written on the picked card may prove to be difficult. Finally, they have “assumed” it refers to Mrs. Carme Costa.
Here we can see Mrs. Costa while accepting the art note painted by Casas Anfruns.
Ms. Carme López attending one of the assistants to the inauguration.
Once the protocol over, the audience remains in the Hall 2, commenting on the exhibition. The mood is warm and people refuse to leave.
The artist with Mr. Fernando Canaleta and his wife Mª José.
Juan, with his excellent waiter service, makes remaining at the Rusiñol Gallery more pleasant.
The artist and the director of the Rusiñol Gallery with Fernando.
Lua (a female doggy) is the mascot of the Rusiñol Gallery. Joan Cabanas, taking advantage of his birthday, invites it to the inauguration.
An interesting arrangement: before the canvas of “Paris”, Lua, Joan and his future sister in law, Laura.
Finally, quite pleased, the future mother in law to be: Victòria Cabanas.

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