Inauguration of Ruiz Ortega (February 20th 2009)

6-dsc04638 Ruiz Ortega speaks of his work. We can also see Mr. Ignasi Cabanas, Rusiñol Gallery Director.  In the background, the fascinating “Parque de la feria” (Fair Park).

2-dsc04978 Ruiz Ortega with the Rusiñol Gallery team: Sofía, Carme, Cecilia and Victoria.
3-dsc04489 As usual, at the inauguration, when coming in, the audience signs a card allowing them to participate in the raffle of the art note of the artists exhibiting in the Gallery.
4-dsc04598 Overview of Hall 2 during the inauguration.
5-dsc04619 The reporter and art-critic Josep Mª Cadena presenting the work of this artist. He is holding a book by Hilari Raguer, Montserrat monk that Mr. Cadena used to illustrate a “curious” comparison: the “lectio divine” (the quiet reading of the Bible) a monks’ practice that reminds Mr. Cadena of Ruiz Ortega’s painting style. A relaxed style which surprises in somebody that, as in the case of this painter, also is a professor in the active world of the Universities.
1-dsc04967 Ruiz Ortega, in the doorway at the Rusiñol Gallery. One of the main characteristics of this extraordinary draftsman is his penchant to paint over recovered materials. A good sample can now be seen at the Rusiñol Gallery showcase.
8-dsc04717 A Rusiñol Gallery tradition: Joan Cabanas jr., preparing the raffle of the art notes.
9-dsc04723 This is the key moment: Ruiz Ortega’s wife, Mª Paz, holding the pack of cards: Joan gets ready to pick one of them.
13-dsc04916 Two friends, both painters, facing each other: Martin Carral and Ruiz Ortega.
18-dsc045292 Marisol Ezquerra, Ruiz Ortega, Ramón Patrís and Ignasi Cabanas in the Hall # 1. In the background we can see a couple of paintings with the same title: “Bandeja. Compañía de Indias” (I y II) (Tray. Compañía de Indias)
19-dsc049831 When the exhibition is over, the obligatory “family photo”.

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