Inaguration of Koyama (March 13th 2009)

01c-koyama1 Shigeyoshi Koyama facing the shop window at the doorway of the Rusiñol Gallery, where some of the most characteristics paintings of this artist, are displayed: images of his beloved Cadaqués (Girona).

02-koyama2 Koyama by the inspiring “Es Poal”.
04-koyama1 Ignasi Cabanas, director of the Rusiñol Gallery, with the reporter and art-critic, Josep Mª Cadena, moments before beginning with the presentation of  Shigeyoshi Koyama’s works.
05-koyama1 The artist, when addressing us, reads a few endearing words  about his life and trajectory: “I keep in my memory walking around the city of Sant Cugat. It was the beginning of the Summer in 1978, when I lived in Barcelona. I found a rural atmosphere that no longer exists. Thirty years have gone by (…). My daughter, who was born in Barcelona, lived in Sant Cugat when she studied at the Universidad Autónoma. In those days, I used to come over the weekends to pick her up. In 2005, I made the first exhibition at the Rusiñol Gallery; this is the second one”.
06-koyama1 Everybody is carefully listening to Koyama’s emotive words.
10-koyama1 As usual, the raffle of the painter’s art note, that someone from the audience will win, is an elaborate process implying everybody.
12-koyama1 Yosiko, Shigeyoshi’s wife, with some friends.
15-koyama1 At the end, as usual, the family picture.

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