Inauguration of Dolors Curell (June 19th 2009)

013-curellLast Friday, June 19th, the Rusiñol Gallery has put the last touches to its 2008-09 season with the exhibition of Dolors Curell‘s paintings named “Norte-Sur” (North-South). The artist presents her panoramic paintings and succeeds in perpetuating the beauty of an instant. “The watchman is supposed to watch, but the artist wants to go farther than what he/she can recognize. And this is precisely what Dolors Curell does with her wide panoramic paintings. With her sharpened artist sensibility she unclutters the landscape, whether in her maritime visions or in the inland fields, whether in the blue skies or in the blue sea” (Josep Mª Cadena).

02-curellJosep Mª Cadena: “When I got off the train and was coming here, I have seen there were many people in Sant Cugat. I guess today is a special day: end of school year, the heat, etc. All streets seem to be full of smiling people. I was thinking: ‘I’ll get to the Rusiñol Gallery and I will find a silent place …’. Certainly not so: I have found myself, more or less, as in the street. In this inauguration I especially detect an atmosphere of open and sincere cordiality”.
03-curell Part of the audience. Dolors Curell was more appealing to them than the end of the school year and the heat: all of us gathered there and there was scarcely any room left.
04-curell Josep Mª Cadena enters into details. “Dolors’ painting is of a broad spectrum and wide scope. It opens to others. She portrays landscapes: but they do not feature the actual scenery, but what she actually feels (…). She transmits the balance we people all want to reach. For instance: sighting Barcelona from the sea, when we arrive by boat or by plane. Dolors transmit us a kind of serenity within the anguish we may feel when flying (not to speak if we land at the T1, the new airport terminal)”.
05-curellThe artist speaks. It rather was “speaking” between quotation marks: “Painters paint -she started- because we do not know how to speak or write “. Some questions from the audience succeeded in getting some explanations: “They are always landscapes I have lived. The paintings are an impression, a reminder of what I have seen “. She revealed that in her trajectory she started with abstract art and, later on, after a period without painting for she was teaching, she evolved towards the figurative art .




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