Inauguration of Mònica Castanys (September 4th 2009)

monica-castanys-01dLast September 4th, Mònica Castanys, under the title “Instants quotidiens” (everyday moments), inaugurated the new 2009-2010 season of art exhibitions at the Rusiñol Gallery. Right now, nothing more adequate than this collection of paintings -masterly flashes of our everyday life- for a happy homecoming to our run of the mill existence. Central characters of these “flashes” are urban areas instants as well as the feminine figure.

monica-castanys-02Before starting off with the inauguration, Monica is interviewed by a reporter from the digital newspaper
monica-castanys-03 The director of the Rusiñol Gallery, Ignasi Cabanas, welcomes us in the beginning of this new term with «with a new paintress, though she has been already painting for a long time». From the exhibition he emphasized that «it is as real as up to date: the day by day schedule».
monica-castanys-04 Josep Mª Cadena presenting Mònica Castanys’ work.
monica-castanys-05«Mònica Castanys paints our women; she features the feminine character that looks for her own recognition amid a number of difficulties».

monica-castanys-06Mònica Castanys: «I wish to especially thank the Rusiñol Gallery for its dedication and enthusiasm that has made possible my presenting these 50 pieces I created since mid 2007».
monica-castanys-07«Perhaps you will not smell the scent of coffee of the nearby table, nor the background music … That will be your own contribution: the art exists thanks to the imagination of the people watching it: without this rapport it would not be art».
monica-castanys-08EIt is usual in the inaugurations at the Rusiñol Gallery to have a raffle among the audience of an art note by the artist. We can see here Ignasi Cabanas preparing said raffle. He is aided by the “innocent hands”, of Clara and Rafael.
monica-castanys-09 The happy winner takes home a beautiful art note by Mònica Castanys.




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