Inauguration of Mateo (September 25th 2009)

0103-mateoJoaquín Mateo has again come back to the Rusiñol Gallery, this time with his exhibition “Paisajes del interior” (“Interior Landscapes”). We have been surprised to see the artist labeling himself as a «contemporary primitive [painter], who is trying to do what he can».

02-mateo“A picture is worth more than a thousand words”: the shop window of the Rusiñol Gallery, decorated by the very artists, is a reflection of his typical thematic (“Paisajes del interior”). In the background stands out the painting “Life family”, an imposing 100×300 cms oil-collage in canvas. We recommend you to see it with full screen in our web (click here). 
11-mateo This is the third time Joaquín Mateo displays in the Rusiñol Gallery. Ignasi Cabanas, noticeably satisfied, introduced him as a “successful painter”: «Some people have already hurried up to purchase a painting, lest somebody else might buy it before. There is no crisis here!».
04-mateo There were expectations before, during and after the inauguration.
05-mateoHis painting titled “Lirios silvestres” (“Wild lilies”) (click here) presided, as a backdrop, Josep Mª Cadena’s critical presentation. «I am a journalist, mainly in writing: I know what the newspapers are saying right now. And I perceive a somewhat sharp moment, full of preoccupation. Then I came over and I have found a corner of piece (…), with an audience who has come to see an exhibition, with people who believe in the “green sprouts”: Mateo’s exhibition brings us serenity».

06-mateo«He explains the interiors: not those of a home but some people’s insides (…). I am glad with this exhibition, “green sprouts” or not».
07-mateo«Many years ago I bought in the flea market a book titled “40.000 years of modern art”, about cave painting. I have always liked it. The primitive painters secretly painted, with ritual ceremonies, in the dark and alone: I am also somewhat of a primitive man. I do as they did. I work in a studio full of light, but I close the windows: if I work with light, my painting does not have any. And I paint alone: I ask my wife and my daughter to leave the room».
08-mateo«It is difficult to express anything through images. I like to add text, light:  I make use of mixed techniques, taking advantage of all I have (…). I speak about the human being: persons do not appear, but their personal things, instead. Then, I try to represent the interior of the persons living in that space. Hence the title: “Paisajes del interior”».
09-mateo Painter Juan Tenorio who, two seasons ago, exhibited in the Rusiñol Gallery (“Arquitecturas”) (“Architectonics”), did not want to miss the exhibition of his friend Joaquín Mateo. We can see him here, on the right hand side, speaking with some other attendant.




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