Inauguration of Pineda Bueno (November 6th 2009)


With his theme “El ritmo de los colores” (The Rhythm of Colours), Pineda Bueno presents his exhibition. This work competes with the exuberant and whimsical variety of colours which the autumnal landscape dresses up with these days. But with this artist the rhythm of colours is something else. It does not anticipate the end of a cycle, but just the opposite: «With his deep colours Pineda Bueno transmit us the vitality of being» (Josep Mª Cadena).

02-pineda-buenoThe inauguration starts with a “respite” for Ignasi Cabanas. Because Josep Mª Cadena, always so punctual, was not there yet… He was coming from another cultural in Barcelona and, for once, he was late.
03-pineda-bueno «At long last José Antonio is here. Since a long time ago we were looking forward for this exhibition… Las t time Pineda Bueno was here it was 10 years ago: he really is a rather distant man, difficult “to get hold of”. But we already have his exhibition that, to tell you the truth, lives up to his name».
04-pineda-buenoJosep Mª Cadena emphasized the peculiar capacity of this artist to capture the air, the light, the mobility of things like the air or the light of a moment. «Every moment is different from the previous one and from the one that will follow. Therefore, the painter must capture that special moment with four strokes to remember it and build it from its own interior. Hence, how his paintings involve a mental activity: he has elaborated on what he has seen».
05-pineda-buenoThis artist is indebted to the German expressionism. But Cadena has defined it as “Mediterranean impressionism “. Indeed, «he represents the impressions, our impressions. We shall not find either trees or women as we can see them here. He looks for what the painting needs, leaving aside all the other things: there is a quest for colour, light, for the mobility of people. There is a synthesis: Pineda Bueno introduces the person in the colour. Thus, for instance, in “Luz Mediterránea” (Mediterranean light) we can see that woman integrated in the colour of the leaves like a flower arising in the middle of Nature». 
06-pineda-buenoPineda Bueno said to be in total agreement with what Josep Mª Cadena affirmed. Replying to the questions posed to him, the painter said to admire the Mediterranean painters of the 20th century while recognizing the influence he has received from the German expressionism: «I try to get an abstraction in each stroke I paint».



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