“The next”: Katerina Alavedra-Duchoslav (3-22.IX.2010)

katerina-alavedra-duchoslavThe Rusiñol Gallery sets off this season to commemorate its 25th anniversary. With painters and friends we shall spend a complete year full of sentiment and dear memories. We are especially enthused to begin this journey with Katerina Alavedra-Duchoslav (“Nostalgia?”).

It could not be a more appropriate debut: for Katerina -who resides in Sant Cugat del Vallès with her family- shares the character and style of Miquel Cabanas Alibau, father of the director of the Rusiñol Gallery. Katerina’s works transfer us to the roots of our Gallery.

We recognize it in the “background music”: the feeling and responsiveness the painter collects and transforms in a very personal pictorial projection (to contrast the titles of the works of both artists). We can also perceive it in the type of colouring of their works.

God willing, the inauguration will be next FRIDAY, September 3rd (19:30 h.). Along with the artist, the reporter and art critic Josep Mª Cadena will join us. We hope to see you there!

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