Inauguration of Katia Alavedra-Duchoslav (Sep. 3rd 2010)


“Nostalgia?” is the reflection of Katerina Alavedra-Duchoslav‘s feelings: some feelings she knows how to shape with masterful skill in her paintings. Friends and admirers of the artist gathered at the Rusiñol Gallery, to get to better know her life -with its dramatic episodes, from far away Czechoslovakia of the ’68- and we could understand her work: bygone days that cannot be forgotten, present days full of hopefulness and balance…

katya-02The Rusiñol Gallery director, Ignasi Cabanas, welcome us while reminding us that, for our Gallery, it was the start of a “new kind of season “: that of our 25 anniversary. He introduced Katerina -Katya for her friends- who was exhibiting for the third time with us. In short: «An artist that with her own style is getting more and more consolidated every day».
katya-031 Pep Blanes, a “sancugatenc” (from Sant Cugat) artist, a great draftsman and good friend, who has known Katya for the last 30 years, focused his intervention in the personality of the artist. «Who is Katya? She is the main character of a “movie” script, come true». The script is rather extraordinary: from the unparalleled scenography of the shaken Prague of the ’60, to her escape to Switzerland to end up in Sant Cugat del Vallès. It is here where her balance has been consolidated, like a “triangle”: her husband -Manuel-, her children and her art…
katya-04 «Pep Blanes made it difficult for me!». Josep Mª Cadena recaptures the image of the “triangle” to take it a bit beyond: Katerina loves beauty, beauty made harmony, such as a triangle. But an “equilateral” triangle, where the three angles are equal, because she has gathered her three loves. This triangle drives the person and is reflected in her painting. «Nostalgia? I think so, and I think it is useful too: it means a yearning for returning. It is not nostalgia for a past brought to an end, but a nostalgia that keeps moving (in the persons, in the buildings…)».
katya-051 Katerina Alavedra-Duchoslav said a few words of gratitude towards her friends and the rest of the audience: «I feel very well in your company». She dedicated the exhibition to her mother, who has recently passed away. «In these moments I feel the company of friends and family from the Czech Republic». 
katya-061At the end of vernissage Ignasi Cabanas announced that next September 16th, at 11:00, he has programmed at the Rusiñol Gallery a visit of the exhibition conducted by the artist herself, Katerina.



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