Inauguration of Tomàs Suñol (October 15th 2010)

We have enjoyed the “Arriba y Abajo” (Up and Down) of Tomàs Suñol’s figurative abstraction. “Up” (as a subtle abstraction) towards memories each one retrieves. “Down” (by a successful figurative performance) because these sensations are suggested — distinctly and mostly— from urban corners “experienced” by the artist. Interesting experience! If “a picture is worth a thousand words “, in this case “a visit is worth more than a thousand pictures”

It is the moment of truth, the moment of “The 4 entries from… Tomàs Suñol”. Thus, in this more intimate space, Tomàs protects himself and claims not to feel contented with the given label: figurative abstraction. «Fine arts and painting are meant to set you free but, if you get boxed in by standardization, then art loses its charisma». —Your style? «I do not think it is up to the artists to categorize themselves. There are others to do it!».
Any detail can be used as a trigger for “reading” Josep Mª Cadena: «Tomàs! Thomas is the name of one of the apostles. An apostle that has not been well rated by history, because he doubted, and did not believe Jesus had resurrected until he was able to touch Jesus’ wounds. But this is a virtue. The artist must question the circumstance he is living by! He must look for whatever may help him: perhaps others’ feelings…». As a matter of fact, Suñol’s work is exposed to the observer’s perception: each painting has something to communicate to each onlooker.
Josep Mª Cadena: «As Cabanas have said, this is the first time Tomàs Suñol comes to our Gallery. But it is not the first time he paints. His father is also a painter! He has always lived amongst paintings and this helps developing people. He paints by identifying things for what they are, for what they represent and for the sensations they produce (…). These bursts of light are the painter’s and with them he creates shapes».
As usual, at the Rusiñol Gallery —after listening to the artist— the audience had their opportunity, too. It did not take long for the questioning and with frank spontaneity —on both sides— it was pointed out what the exhibited works suggested. In short, it is a painting that pleases because it queries: these alleys, these burst of light, and these shadows… they bring memories to each one of us and awaken our feelings.
The raffle of Tomàs Suñol’s art note. Miquel, an artist’s friend, was the fortunate one to get it. Comments about this art note were immediate: «It came from Badalona and it goes back to Badalona».

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