“The next”: Mejan (26.X-14.XI.2012)

We are glad to announce our next exhibition, which you can access to at Rusiñol Gallery’s site: José Mª Mejan, with the title “China of my heart”.

To Mejan’s oil landscapes, which capture the essence of every colour and every moment, we have to add an innovation: the drawings. In this exhibition we will enjoy a collection of unpublished drawings, where he also incorporates collages, and which are the outcome of a journey he made through China. Whether in his oil paintings or in his drawings the lyricism of his work is evident for it abstracts away any superfluous motives.

Next FRIDAY, October 26 (19:30 h.), God willing, we shall have the opening, with the artist assistance. Mr. Josep Mª Cadena, reporter and art critic, will take care of the process.

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