Inauguration of Mejan (October 26th 2012)

The time has come to present to the public Mejan’s “China of my heart”. The artist is very enthused over this new theme that fills with colour the Rusiñol Gallery. Without abandoning the style which we have become used to, he has dared to prepare some oils to show his feelings regarding a journey he made to China in early 2005.

Ignasi Cabanas, director of the Rusiñol Gallery, tells us the motives of this exhibition while referring to the set of drawings that accompany the show and which were made in the same China. Their uniqueness especially lies upon the technique used, as many of them are worked out with collages. Next, he asked Josep M. Cadena to go on.
“Mejan does a research on human feelings through his landscapes. All his pictures display a certain sensuality. A sensuality that I have mentioned to him quite often but which he always questions by saying: I do not know where you see it! Well, I see it in how things get together, in how I can spot some amorous curves, in how there is a feeling in the grass that moves towards the far off distance; in the background with a slight reference to a forest, afterwards, the sea or a lake can appear and then, again, the sky and the ground. It is a combination of thoughts. It is the concurrence of all those things that happen to us.”.
In his dissertation he referred to the fact that the country already has large areas of land for the farming of grapes to produce wine. “Within a few years they will produce more wine than us but we should not interpret it as a danger, but as a stimulus for our further progress.” A remark that allowed him to explain that with art it is the same: “an artist must renovate himself and he cannot idle in the art he has been practicing so far. Mejan has just done this. Although he moves within a certain few guidelines, these constantly vary, because they are also those of the feelings of human beings “.

Finally, it was the artist’s turn to speak and he carefully explained certain curiosities and customs of the Chinese culture. He also pointed out the language barrier as an element hampering the possibility to connect with the Chinese people. Yet, with his work he has sought to reflect the multiple impressions he was subject to, while avoiding the anecdote, from those things that can be easily identified since he was mostly interested in exploring the landscape.


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