“The next”: Ruiz Ortega (April 5th 2013)

“Ruiz Ortega’s works and his journey to Italy” is the new proposal we offer you from the Rusiñol Gallery.

A well known artist to many of you, MANUEL RUIZ ORTEGA presents a magnificent collection, outcome of his last sojourn in that country, where he does not forget the characteristic subtlety of his works.

Ruiz Ortega’s paintings aim to explain his personal emotion. They are a faithful expression of his own feelings, a search and commitment full of passion; he paints like that because his culture and sensitivity do not allow him to do otherwise.

God willing, the inauguration will take place next Friday, April 5th, at 19:30 hours. The journalist and art critic Josep M. Cadena will be responsible for the commentary of the exhibition.

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