Inauguration of Ruiz Ortega (April 5th 2013)

Ruiz Ortega presents an exhibition with two different topics, but at the same time both have a great unity. On the first floor, the protagonists are the landscapes of Tuscany, especially in the area of Arezzo. They are landscapes that have aged very well because Italians have been able to conserve them. Downstairs, there is a group of pieces were the main topic is… fish.

Ignasi Cabanas: “Manuel is a painter who belongs to our house. He is part of our essence. This “Ruiz Ortega and the journey to Italy” is his fifth exhibition that we are presenting. It is a very interesting collection with which he has brought a part of Italy to Sant Cugat”.
Mr. Joseph M. Cadena says: “We have five senses, and the sense of sight is the most appropriate for the plastic, but it always has to be united to the view, and the way we see things accords with our personality and what we have known. All of these lead us to a question: what is most important when we see things? Is it what we are looking at or the memory of what we have seen? If the most important is the second one, then we are enriching what we are viewing”.
Ruiz Ortega, on every journey to Italy, has the memory of his previous travels. There he has seen buildings that are now reflected in his works. But he hasn’t understood them by definition of how they had been built, but through what they tell him according to the human spirit. For he has learned what is essential in the things. Without the essentiality there is no emotion and, if there are no emotions, there are no feelings.

After thanking the attendees, Manuel Ruiz Ortega answered all questions asked about his work. He also wanted to stress the austerity of the presentation of this exhibition. “I have presented an exhibition without frames because, when you put a frame you are highlighting something, but not necessarily the painting”.


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