Inauguration of Óscar Borrás (November 8th 2013)

Today Oscar Borrás is joining us. He is an artist of international recognition and witha wide career of exhibitions as one of the main representatives of the naïf style. Thistime he shows us his most recent work (“To look closely”), where his originality shineswith his own vision of the world.

As always, the director of this Gallery Mr. Ignasi Cabanas welcomes the artist. Mr. Cabanas   remembers   that   this   is   the   fourth   time   that   painter   Borrás   exhibits   at   the Rusiñol Gallery. He also says that Oscar Borrás was one of the group of painters with whom   the   Rusiñol   Gallery   celebrated   its   25th  Anniversary.   For   this   reason,   Borrás appears in the book edited on that occasion. Finally, Mr. Cabanas thanks the artist because he has come from Valencia in order to join us.
Mr. Josep M. Cadena: “I have felt great joy when I came in this afternoon. These paintings are like a continuous feast, for their colors, for their forms and contents. These are wonderful images of a civilized paradise, very close to us. There are trees that not only have an appearance of trees but they also produce, and every blade has its own life in its perfection””.
Óscar Borrás thanks Josep Mª Cadena for his kind words. He explains to the audience how after completing a technical career he could clearly see how only the trail to art wasfilling him out. Son of a painter, he paints his first paintings after the military service.He begins without too many influences, which allowed him to create a very personal style,  in  which  he  felt  very comfortable. While  his   father  was   a  painter,  he never interfered in his style, though he did give him some pieces of good advice.

The artist, who defines himself as a great environmentalist, explains how he loves nature and open spaces, which is why, through his painting, he makes his world of dreams come true. He also tells us he is a happy person, his happiness beings reflectedin his works, which he performs with great care, whether at the beginning or at the end. Finally, the audience asked him a number of questions which he answered widely and,of which, we rescue just one: —“How much does it take for you to paint a painting?  —Some 25 days. I am very methodical and I work an average of 10 hours a day. I start at 8 in the morning and do not stop until dinner time. At night, I keep on working with the pillow””.


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