“The next”: Óscar Borrás (8.XI-11.XII.2013)

“To look closely” is the new proposal of ÓSCAR BORRÁS, a well-known artist among many of you. Regarding him, we have to highlight his own view of reality.

He is a classic painter of the naïf style. Borrás shows us a world in which all things are pleasant and harmonious, for he is capable of setting states of affairs where the joy of living is present. The artist demonstrates a powerful imagination by composing the scenes and their great coloristic value. All this allows us to immerse ourselves into a paradisiacal world where man and nature coexist happily.

The inauguration, with the presence of the artist, will be held this FRIDAY 8th of November. Mr Josep M. Cadena will be the art critic.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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