The next: Vives Fierro (7.II-5.III.2014)

From next Friday on, some very special characters will join us. Their author is VIVES FIERRO and they, the Ninhos, will not leave you uncaring.

Two years ago, we exclusively presented the last collection of this well known artist which showed us cities and (for the first time) characters. Now, the cities have left the limelight to the characters, which are the center of this artist’s universe, who never ceases to amaze us.

We urge you not to miss this exhibition which will allow you to rediscover an outstanding artist, who keeps on renovating himself and who conveys energy and conviction to us.

The opening, with the presence of artist will be, God willing, next FRIDAY, February 7th, at 19:30 h. Josep M. Cadena will take care of the corresponding comment.

We await you!

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