Inauguration of Vives Fierro (February 7th 2014)

“The “Ninhos” are the result of my trajectory of 50 years of painting. I haven’t changed my brushstroke nor the usage of the collage technique. Concerning the topic, it isn’t new for me because in the 60s I had already made clowns and dolls. I have traveled a lot because I like the cities very much and I have painted a lot of them, but I had become enslaved by this theme. While painting cities I didn’t have the same freedom that I have with the “Ninhos”, as I can express in them what I have in my interior”..

Ignasi Cabanas is beginning the presentation of the new work that doesn’t leave anybody indifferent. He comments that Vives Vierro has exhibited many times in the Rusiñol Gallery. “This artist always surprises us with his creations”. After these explanations came the word of the art critic, Mr. Joseph Cadena.
Joseph M. Cadena: “Toni Vives Fierro is a classic painter. I say “classic” in the deepest meaning of the Latin word which signifies “trumpet”, that is “he who calls people”.

“Vives Fierro has a way of expressing, a style that has been changing over the years. For a long time he has painted cities in which he captured not only their exterior but also their mobility and the movement of the persons. So, this painter has always added something new despite dealing with the same thing”.

Mr. Cadena goes on. “When we were children we learnt everything, we were like sponges. We didn’t know what was good or not. Vives Fierro creates some children who think for themselves, as adults do, but with the naivety of believing in the music, in the dance… We have been these children who teach us that we have to trust in human beings, in the ingenuity; we have to believe in essential values, which are always the same. The sincerity of the person is always present in his paintings”.

Now is the time for questions. There were many questions and, above all, the comment of Mr. Uriach, a great art collector: “Those of us who have works of yours since many years we see your continuity very clearly. When you were painting cities you captured perfectly not only the lights of the city, but also those of the neighborhoods. These Ninhos would be recognized as yours even without seeing your signature, and this is very important in the painting. Your work has always had a thread. Congratulations!”.


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