“The next”: J.L. Jardí (7.III-2.IV-2014)

This time we have the opportunity to  present to you the collection “A safe place” by J.L. Jardí, an artist who has created a narrative painting, as the result of a laborious process.

Jardí has the great ability of internalizing feelings, of drawing the states of mind, of painting the loneliness, the absence, the waiting, the memories, the hope and the desires. For this reason, both the characters which inhabit his paintings and the colours, and even the atmosphere that surrounds every ambiance, have a determining role in the stages of his canvases.

It is a good chance for enjoying this emotional painting, full of references and with a great symbolic weight.

The inauguration, with the presence of the artist, will be on FRIDAY 7th of March at 7:30 pm. Mr. Josep M. Cadena will be in charge of the critic art commentary.

We await you!

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