“The next”: Dolors Curell (6.VI-6.VII.2014)

While approaching the closing of the artistic season, we would like to present an exhibition by DOLORS CURELL, a well-known artist to many of you. With her work “Landscapes and lights ” she takes us to a set of wide panoramic visions that introduce us into a world of sensations.

Sea and sky, full moon, active blues and boats seen from the air, golden beaches and expanding cities, are the elements the painter offers us with message intensity within the apparent simplicity of expression. She deals with well-known subjects, but she does it always with a novelty accent.

The inauguration, which the artist will attend to, will be, God willing, this coming FRIDAY, June 6th, at 19:30 h. As usual, Mr. Josep Mª Cadena will take care of the critical comment.

We await you!

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