Inauguration of Dolors Curell (6th June 2014)

6th of June. As they say, it is the first weekend of summer; the heat of summer has started! But, at the Rusiñol Gallery, the painter Dolors Curell has brought cool breeze with her blue seas and her coasts “touching” the night: “Landscapes and light”.

The last time that Dolors was in the Ruiñol Gallery was four years ago! We still didn’t have her quick profile. When we asked her: One place in this world?: —The Maresme!, she answered. In fact, this is the place where she has been living all her life. So, here we have one of the keys to her work. But it is, actually, one “in reverse” of the Maresme: frequently, Dolors offers us the view of the Catalan coast from the Mediterranean Sea, as if she was arriving by plane.

Josep M. Cadena remarked, first, a painter Curell’s feature that all of us have realized: quietness! “We live quiet moments, but only apparent tranquility… Because we feel that things are moving below. But the Dolors’ painting reassures us: it shows to us that nature, though it changes every day, is permanent”

While sometimes Mr. Cadena’s own interpretation dares to go beyond what the painter has in his heart, this interpretation provides a coherent framework to the observer’s eye: “Curell’s depiction of the calm sea is the statement that we are able to go on if we remain faithful to the principles. From the inside of a boat, we can look at the land, a land —somehow— promised: if we behave well, this land will give us fruit”.

Dolors has said that her work is of a figurative style (as it is currently at the Rusiñol Gallery), but with influences from the abstract painting and also from the impressionism (concerning the light). Her landscape is “humanized”, because it always has an “architectonic” element, although small (little lights, little boats…).


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