Inauguration of Katerina Alavedra-Duchoslav (5th september 2014)

The new season has started with Katerina Alavedra-Duchoslaws exhibition (“Les Couleurs de ma Vie” is the title). Some authorities had joined Katia: the Mayor of our city, Ms. Mercè Conesa, Ms. Susana Pellicer, Deputy Mayor of Citizen Services in Sant Cugat; Ms. Àngels Ponsa, Parlamentarian at the Parliament of Catalonia; Mr. Jaime Martín, Honorary Consul of the Czech Republic and Mr. Roland Rietmann, General Consul of Switzerland.

Mr. Josep M. Cadena, delighted with the atmosphere: “Many years ago, in cultural acts we were more than the attendees: here this is not the case! This fact reflects the importance of this artist and of her painting”. From her beginnings —the Czech Republic— Katerina was formed with a nationality and with some different ways of doing things. But she came to Catalonia and she has understood other nuances: “If she hadn’t come here, she would have been different, for every moment marks its characteristics. Through her paintings we see and feel the places of her life. This is a communicative, participative and exciting painting! I congratulate her now as I did four years ago!”.

Ms. Àngels Ponsa, Parliamentarian at the Parliament of Catalonia, expressed her happiness for coming again to the Rusiñol Gallery. She knew this Gallery when she was a city counsellor. “I am going to talk about the Kàtia who I have known for more than 15 years, when she inaugurated her first exhibition in the House of the Culture of Sant Cugat. Her growth is closely linked to our city”. Ms. Ponsa highlighted three features of Kàtia: very passionate for the task; very tireless in the work and transmitter of peace. “I see all those reflected in her paintings!”. Finally, Ms. Ponsa thanked Kàtia —aside from the passion for her country— for her integration in our city: this is an exchange which enriches all of us.

After the thanksgiving, Katerina answered the questions of the attendees. The first question was about something very curious: “—If you paint with a sponge, how are you able to draw details so accurately? —I also use some pieces of cardboard and for some corners I have to utilize a thin brush”. Another of the attendees asked: —I am very surprised to see a picture of Bossòst, a village of the Catalan Pyrenees! Why? —I don’t make anything without a personal bond: I have friends there…”.

The Mayor of Sant Cugat closed the act. Ms. Mercè Conesa, first, highlighted the involvement of the city in the graphic arts. And she added: “Rusiñol Gallery: you are an example because for many years you are working on that! This is an important task which merits recognition”. Furthermore, Ms. Conesa asserted that the citizenship of Sant Cugat is open: “Many people arrive here, from different cultures, but they find here a space for laying down roots and paricipating in our things. We like to share this interculture”.


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