“The next”: Domènech i Sánchez (3.X-5.XI.2014)

The autumn already begun, we present to us the most recent work of DOMÈNECH i SÁNCHEZ, an artist who exhibits for the second time at the Rusiñol Gallery.

“Interior” is the title of this exhibition. This collection speaks about intangible things. The things that cannot be expressed by words, but they are full of sense.

Domènech i Sánchez’s style pours sensitivity and it is easily recognizable. In fact, this style is very original because the artist uses a personal technique: he is able to portray the soul of the objects.

The inauguration, which the artist will attend to, will be, God willing, this coming FRIDAY, October 3th, at 19:30 h. As usual, Mr. Josep Mª Cadena will take care of the critical comment.

Wel look forward to seeing you!

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