Inauguration of Aguilar Moré (14 november 2014)

Ramon Aguilar Moré displayed for the first time his paintings at the Sala Rusiñol, almost a quarter of a century ago. It was the beginning of this Gallery. Ever since, he has quite often exhibited with us, always successfully. This year, the Gallery wanted to invite him to a very special celebration: his 90th anniversary! For this reason, the exhibition we present now is a retrospective: it tours this artist’s work from its inception until his last paintings.

Ignasi Cabanas welcomes the painter Aguilar More: «Here he is at home». At the same time, the director of the Rusiñol gallery reveals the actual significance of this new exhibition: to celebrate Ramon’s 90th anniversary with an anthological exhibition of his work: “we have taken down his pictures from his home! But do not worry, because for Christmas we will take them back home. Now we have to take advantage of this almost unique occasion». In this so wide-ranging exhibition we will be able to admire the trajectory of the artistic life of this painter until reaching his unmistakable style.

Mr. Josep M. Cadena: «Ramon, in the years 57-58’, unconsciously taught me that freedom existed, although the external one didn’t exist when I met him. The circumstances of the country were very difficult…, but there were people who, through art, gave us some hope and some affirmations»..

«When I still hadn’t met Ramon personally, I was reading a newspaper of that time –maybe you have heard of it— called “El Correo Catalán” (“The Catalan Mail”). On Sundays, this newspaper usually published on the first page a picture of a certain Aguilar Moré. It attracted my attention. I felt that those things had a sense of the culture of the people not found in other places. The signature led me to watch his pictures, where the fresh air of freedom was present. I remember, for instance, he drew ballet dancers of the Liceo Theatre. Those dancers represented a group of people who had this sense of freedom».

Ramon is a man of few words: «I’m very happy. For me speaking is very complicated. This is Mr. Cadena’s forte». At the close of the inauguration something exciting happened: the Rusiñol Gallery presented an enormous cake “Massini” for Ramon (also for all of us!). Beside the candle representing his 90 years, appeared a chocolate reproduction of one of his most characteristic pictures: “Portrait of Dolly” (1967).


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