“The next”: Exhibition of Paintings in Small Size (12.XII-7.I.2015)

You already know that at the Rusiñol Gallery we live the Christmas dates with a special enthusiasm and that each year we like to offer you an extraordinsy exhibition.

On this occasion we have prepared a small format exhibition, where 8 artists present us 4 representative samples of their work that contribute to an interesting formal renewal in the figurative field.

At the same time, this Exhibition of paintings in small sizes introduces us to a group of artist who, mostly, and despite their long careers, are still new to the Rusiñol Gallery: ABEL FLORIDO, EVA NAVARRO, LLUÍS ROURA, PABLO MAESO, PIOTR PERSKI, QUIM DOMENE, TONI BECERRA i VALL KARSUNKE.

The inauguration attended by the artists, will be, God willing, this next FRIDAY, December 12th at 19:30 h. The critical comment will be carried out by Josep Mr. M. Cadena.

We look forward to seeing you!

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