Inauguration of Exhibition of Paintings in Small Sizes (12th december 2014)

In our traditional Christmas exhibition we have decided on a change of format this year. The title itself demonstrates the new format: “Exhibition of Paintings in a Small Sizes”. But this is not the only innovation: the protagonists are eight artists who not only exhibit… The artists have demonstrated their skills by doing a small painting, which was later auctioned to the audience. In keeping with the Christmas spirit, the benefits of these auctions have been given to “Caritas”.
Ignasi Cabanas says: “It is a special inauguration. We are trying something new without being sure of the outcome…. Today we are presenting a Christmas Collection, in small size format. Although the painters are veterans, almost all of them are new to us, with the exception of Lluís Roura. The inauguration will consist of two parts. Firstly, the usual presentation of the painters; and secondly, the auction of the paintings they will do on the “spot”. Today the Rusiñol Gallery will be, simultaneously, a gallery, an art studio and a TV scene, because Edicions Videl Vallès will be doing a live broadcast of the event.

Mr. Josep M. Cadena, our current art critic, has to play a difficult role today. Firstly, he congratulated the Rusiñol Gallery’s managers for the collective exhibition format that they have chosen. With this format the Christmas exhibition acquires more solemnity. “So, the Rusiñol Gallery is going to a new manner of doing”. Later, he briefly and graciously presented every one of the painters. All of them have already exhibited in Barcelona…: Abel Florido, Eva Navarro, Lluís Roura, Pablo Maeso, Piotr Perski, Quim Domene, Toni Becerra i Vall Karsunke.

After the words, the great momentit is arrived! Now, the artists are beginning to paint their own picture. Their studio has been installed on the ground floor of the Rusiñol Gallery. Among the attendees there is a big expectation! They have the opportunity of finding out the different ways of working with some techniques, as watercolor, oil, collage… And they can admire the creativity of the artists.

The artists have ended their works. So, it is the moment of the public auction. A well-known actor, Jaume García Arijoa, will lead the auction. After several bids the lot is awarded. Ms Amelia de Juan, coordinator of Caritas, thanks to this donation: it will be a great help for the city.


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