Inauguration of Ulpiano Carrasco (6 march 2015)

This is the second time we are presenting an Ulpiano Carrasco’s exhibition at the Rusiñol Gallery. Neither on this occasion do we remain indifferent. His palette and his vision about the landscapes of Cuenca are really special. But… there is a difference between 2011 and today: his daughter Elvira is here, because the artist has a commitment in Paris and he hasn’t been able to join us today.

Josep M. Cadena says: «The paintings of Ulpiano have brought in the spring. Here we have an exhibition which encourages us in these difficult times, for the artist believes in the capacity of the people and their interior happiness».

Cadena goes on to say: «Ulpiano shows us not only the landscapes of Cuenca, but as he has travelled so much we can see it reflected in the fluorescent colors of his urban paintings. I can see his internationality because some time ago he asked me to write an article about his exhibitions in Saigon… Ulpiano has made me international as well without knowing it!».

Elvira Carrasco, daughter of the artist, is addressing the attendees: «My father is a genius! Moreover my father is my mentor. He has taught me so much since my childhood. He always encouraged me to paint. He always said: “Paint whatever you want, Elvira”. He even made portraits of me. His work has evolved during these years, from the dark colours of the ’80s to the colorful “Tempus Fluor”».

Now, it is time for questions. —«Does he inspire in any painter?». «At the beginning, he was inspired by Zurbarán. But since some years ago, he is not been inspired by anyone. My father follows his own way». —«But, does not have he a favorite painter?». «Oh, yes, Van Gogh! Actually, he is been called by someone as the “Van Gogh of Jara”». —«Is he a good painter of portraits?». «He is able to paint a realistic portrait because he has great skills for drawings. But he would do this with his own style, more impressionist».


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