“The next”: Kiku Poch (10.IV-6.V.2015)

KIKU POCH is exhibiting individually at the Rusiñol Gallery for the second time. Son of artists, he learned from his very childhood to observe freely. This fact has led him to a work which is much more beautiful than material beauty. His work is an interpretation of what surrounds us in order to see the transcendental from a distance.

“Landscapes with Sun and Salt” is the title of this new collection with his most recent works where the protagonists are light and color. Works of quiet beauty, painted from the heart, which allow us to travel across Menorca, La Provenza, La Toscana and the Greek Islands.

The inauguration, which the artist will attend to, will be, God willing, this coming FRIDAY, April 10th, at 19:30 h. As usual, Mr. Josep Mª Cadena, National Culture Award 2015, will take care of the critical comment.

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