Inauguration of Segrelles (8th May 2015)

Ignasi Cabanas: «We have today the great pleasure of sharing with you a very significant date of the Rusiñol Gallery. First, we are celebrating the 29th anniversary of our activity in the art world. Second, we introduce to you the work of an exceptional artist, Eustaquio Segrelles, who has brought an extraordinary collection.

»I would like also to remark that the painter has considered this exhibition as a special one. For this, the visitors can enjoy works coming from the artist’s private collection».

Mr. Josep M. Cadena congratulates the Rusiñol Gallery for its 29th anniversary: «The Rusiñol Gallery works well! Here you have these 29 years of a serious work and good service to the society. The trajectory of this Gallery has given to the city of Sant Cugat many exhibitions of high level and some main artists in the current artistic landscape».

Mr. Cadena adds: «On this occasion I am very lucky for being able to present the work of an international well-known artist. He comes from a saga of artistic creators whose works reflect some human realities and their feelings. Departing from his topics, one could think that the Segrelles’ painting is simply a historical painting. But it is not true! His works show some set and perennial approaches (the human strength, the nature…)».

Finally, Josep M. Cadena presented the Segrelles’ book “Light and Strength”. Concerning this, he highlights both characteristics, that is to say, the light and the force as axles of Segrelle’s paintings. Mr. Cadena reviewed also the texts and poems that are joined to this pictorial selection.

This is the time for questions. Some attendees asked him about some aspects of his work: the topics, his beginnings, the sources of inspiration, etc. Segrelles answered widely every question and he told some anecdotes. One of them was that his professional beginnings were in connection with the comics… But he abandoned this early in order to work exclusively the art painting.


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