“The next”: Segrelles (8.V-3.VI.2015)

We are celebrating!

In May we complete 29 years! As you know, we have an extraordinary exhibition during this period. The artist we have chosen is EUSTAQUIO SEGRELLES, an internationally well-known painter. He, with his “Light and force” paintings, often transports us to the works of Sorolla and other Valencian masters.

In Segrelles’ work there is, in a harmonious group, a plastic richness that leads us to think about the true human feelings concerning the superficial evolution of the forms. His men, women and children are real, and they explain to us how life really is.

The opening, with the artist attendance, will be, God willing, this FRIDAY, May 8th, at 19:30. The critical commentary will be carried out by Josep M. Cadena.

We hope to see you there!

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