Inauguration of Jordi Isern (2nd October 2015)


1Mr. Ignasi Cabanas is presenting the artist Jordi Isern: he is exhibiting individually at the Rusiñol Gallery for the fourth time. Cabanas highlights the topics which identify this painter. Among them, the protagonist is Nature. Cabanas also remarks on the high quality of this exhibition.




 2According to Mr. Josep M. Cadena, «every painter is a world in himself, as a result of some experiences and his own sensitivity». He continues: «The landscape is a manifestation of the spirit and, for this reason, I think that the title of this exhibition —“Colors of emotions”— is appropriate. The artist must have a view of the lived places and, from there, he is able to portray the moment in a much more captivating manner».




 3We live in times where intermediate seasons seem to disappear. But Jordi Isern draws the four seasons in quite a differentiated way. His works are made with a desire of permanence. And at the same time he represents the feelings that our mind desires; that is, the feelings that we have collected through the years… and the other feelings which are yet to come.


 4After thanking the presence of all the attendees, and Mr. Cadena and the Rusiñol Gallery, Jordi Isern says that his works are made with emotion: «They are what I see, what I feel, because I don’t know how to invent anything. I am faithful to the landscape and from this comes the title of the exhibition. My paintings are little “drops of honey” of my life. This work is done with sincerity, from my heart and through my feelings». .
 5Time for questions. —«I see that cloudy days predominate your paintings. Is this your intention?». «I like rainy days; I like cold and humid weather. Because of this, my work has this kind of landscapes». —«What is your way of working?». «I never stop working; the process is always going on; I never disconnect. I feel anguish when I am not painting!». —«What about your experience of exhibiting in Japan». «It is a satisfying experience», he said, and he told us some endearing stories.







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