“The next”: Josep M. Forcada (6.XI-9.XII.2015)

Dear friends,

FJ-15322JOSEP Mª FORCADA is presenting his latest works under the title of “Traces of light”. It is a collection of works that expresses strength and vitality, both in treating the topics and for the contrasts that are harmonized in his oil paintings.

Forcada approaches the countryside around us in a cordial and participative way. He feels one with it, but at the same time he shares this feeling with us. Gazing at his paintings is highly gratifiying for those who, like him, believe that the figurative style is always a representation of the spirit.

The opening, with the artist attendance, will be, God willing, this FRIDAY, November 6th, at 19:30. The critical commentary will be carried out by Josep M. Cadena.

We hope to see you there!

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