Inauguration of Josep M. Forcada (6th november 2015)



1Josep M. Forcada: here you have the most unique and multifaceted among the painters who exhibit at the Rusiñol Gallery. Firstly, because he is a priest, that is, with studies of Philosophy and Theology. Secondly, because he has studied Journalism and Medicine, and he also practises these professions! An authentic artist!



«From where does he get the time to do so many things?». Perhaps it is not a matter of time, but of greatness of soul and of sensitivity: some assets guaranteed by his vocation of service to the people as a doctor of the soul, as a doctor of the body and a communicator of the spirit.


2A painting based on “smart landscapes”! In this way Mr. Josep M. Cadena has qualified the painter. Certainly, at first sight we see the impressionist style in these landscapes, expressing feelings of beauty. But, at the same time, this artist enhances the natural beauty: the things have been organized in their natural place. All in all, everything oozes a sense of harmony and a sense of communication.





«This time I have brought only landscapes: I have opted for them», says Josep M. Forcada. He recognizes that he is enthusiastic with some elements like water, its reflections…, things that sometimes we don’t see because we have a “limited vision” and we are paying attention to the immediacy. We need an attitude of gazing at fields, nature, everything that surrounds us.



4«In fact —the painter says— these tracks, these strokes are what flow from my interior in a rebellious way in order to explain what I find in front of me. I retain what I have seen».
 5«What do you think about when you are painting?». «I think very little because this painting isn’t a conceptual one. I think about colors, about what I am doing, I struggle with this… I want people to understand what I’m saying with brushes». —We have talked a lot about color, but not very much about the trace, the gesture —which is more visceral—. Do you carry this within you when you begin to paint?, or, on the contrary, does it appear when you communicate with the landscape?». «Both things: sometimes my mood is evident and sometimes I get encouraged by Nature… I recognize both aspects!».





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