Inauguration of Time of Flowers (10th March 2017)



It is very important in this life to arrive on time. But if you arrive a little bit in advance, it’s even better! This is the case of the exhibition “Time of flowers”. A few days before the official beginning of Spring, in Sant Cugat del Vallès —the so-called “garden city”—, the floral explosion has begun. The Rusiñol Gallery joins this, just in time!






This exhibition is a collective one with the participation of some painters who come together in the chosen theme. Nevertheless, Montserrat Masdeu is who brings the greatest number of pictures (more than a dozen). We also find works by Jordi Amagat, M. Dolors Raich, Francesc Cabanas, Simó Busom and Amadeu Casals.




The classic topic of Masdeu are the greenhouses. But this time she adds a theme that is a novelty for us: Swedish garden houses. Why is this? Her life itself! The source of inspiration has been the trips she has made to Sweden in order to visit a part of her family.






Josep M. Cadena: «We have to thank the Rusiñol Gallery for the success of programming a collective exhibition which is a pictorial affirmation of the arrival of good weather. Meteorology has cycles that, despite their predictability, always fills us with admiration. And now is the season of flowers, of the vital regeneration, of the joy with which we have to move towards a better future».





«The time of splendor, that follows Winter, shows that the plurality in harmony brings richness and joy. Similarly the presence of six artists in this exhibition provides the satisfaction of enjoying a variety of pictorial personalities, every one of them is wonderful» (from the writings of Mr. J. M. Cadena).











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