“The next”: Tomàs Suñol (31.3-3.5.2017)


Tomás Suñol, who was born in Dieulefit (France) in 1964, grew up in a fully artistic ambient. After some years of extensive learning and having worked on different trends in art, he is deepening in the figurative abstraction.

“Comfort zone” is his latest collection, where oil and spatula form his works that are inspired by alleyways of his city. Through a long observation of his neighborhood, he initiates a pictorial process which evolves towards an almost total abstraction that transforms these streets into urban landscapes. At the same time, the artist saves some spaces for his personal still life and flowers.

The inauguration attended by the artist, will be this FRIDAY 31st of March at 19:30 h. Josep M. Cadena will be in charge of the critical commentary.

We hope to see you there!

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