Inauguration of Toni Cassany (3rd november 2017)





The artist Toni Cassany (from Girona) begun his public presence as a painter 30 years ago. The Rusiñol Gallery shares his joy: «I thank every one of you your presence here. The task of the painter is solitary; so, the contact with the people, during the time of one exhibition, is very necessary. This is my 29th exhibition, and every time I feel myself more fulfilled.





But, who is Toni Cassany? Let us listen to Mr. Josep M. Cadena: «Cassany is a realistic painter. His inspiration is born from the constant changes of nature, which are useful for him for describing what he is seeing. But these events ultimately are opportunities in order to understand how persons use to act» (from the writings of Josep M. Cadena).




«He wanted to be a painter, but he has also become a creator. With painting he has found a “friendly space” that has allowed him to meet with himself. So, he captures landscapes and he transmits his emotions to us. This is a work that invites us to think! This is a painting that makes people to meditate and to believe in other things» (from the speech of Josep M. Cadena).






David Pagès i Cassú has presented the book “Toni Cassany, 30 years of painting”: «Behind his 30 years of painting there are other 20 years of training, work and observation. This book helps to know Toni Cassany as a person and as a painter. He understands painting as an exercise of beauty, of spirituality and also as a way of transmitting affection».





Time for questions! During the colloquium, some answers have allowed us to know more about Toni Cassany. —What do you like best of the region of Empordà?». —«These landscapes do not exist as they are seen in my paintings, but they are interpretations. They convey sensations and this is that I am looking for. There is no landscape like that of the Empordà in order to do this»




















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