Inauguration of Christmas exhibition 2017 (1st december 2017)

We already have our classic Christmas Exhibition: “Now is the time”. On this occasion, the Rusiñol Gallery brings together five painters: Albert Alís, Josep Cruañas, Fabio Hurtado, Benet Sarsanedas and Manuel Ruiz Ortega. Ignasi Cabanas on behalf of all wishes us a Merry Christmas!






The painters change in every exhibition; even some of them can share a collective exhibition. But the “art critic” does not change and he is always the same: Josep Mª Cadena. He is presenting the five artists …





After referring to Christmas, Mr. Cadena adds: «We are living in a moment of many variations, but art continues as always. Today, the art in the Rusiñol Gallery is manifested in the form and color of five artists ».







Here are some “brushstrokes” about every one of the artists: «Albert Alís says to us —through the mobility of his color— that air is life; Josep Cruañas describes European cities with the hope that everyone will participate in a civic progress; Fabio Hurtado seeks in the past the joy of living and a love for elegance; Benet Sarsanedas, is, at the same time, a delicate and pure spirit like the flight of a forest bird. Finally, we have the master Ruiz Ortega, a great interpreter of light as the origin of existence» (from the writings by Josep Mª Cadena).







Albert Alís says some words on behalf of the artists. «I was wondering: —Who else will there be? Sarsanedas, Ruiz Ortega, Fabio Hurtado and Cruañas! I feel honored among them; I feel more than well accompanied. I admire each one of them very much. Sensitivity? Each one contributes with his own look, with sincerity. Where the brush really “wets” is in the heart!».

























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