Inauguration of Joan Capella (12th January 2018)

After four years, the work of Joan Capella (1927-2005) returns to the Rusiñol Gallery. Ignasi Cabanas highlights the opportunity —almost privilege— of this exhibition and its exceptionality, since in the market there is little Capella’s work available.





Josep M. Cadena is a veteran connoisseur of Capella: «As the Trustee of the foundation that bears his name and spreads his work, I feel very satisfied because the Rusiñol Gallery starts 2018 with an exhibition dedicated to highlighting the pictorial work of Joan Capella».




The art critic went on to explain that Joan Capella was a creative artist. With his death it seemed that his work was ended, like other artists, because they usually represent their time. But in the case of a creative one like Joan his work “lives”: it grows by itself.





The painter Capella left much work done at the end of his life, much of which was ceded to his city, Montcada i Reixac. He is very representative of Catalan painting style of the 20s and 30s, inspired by French production. His work brings a sense of high civility.



In Joan Capella‘s work we find ourselves: it belongs to us! The figure appears as little as possible; and sensitivity is provided through color. «The drawing serves as a support, while the colors and composition speak» (Josep Mª Cadena).

























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