Inauguration of Domènech i Sánchez (9th march 2018)


The painter Josep Domènech-Sánchez is coming back to the Rusiñol Gallery. We feel very happy for this! Since 2014 we were missing the friendly face of this painter. It isn’t surprising the large number of persons who wanted joint him in this inauguration. His work —characterized by quietude and placidity— also attracts our spirits.  




Mr. Josep M. Cadena has known the author for 20 years: «It is a great joy to meet again so sensitive work. These paintings transmit the inner beauty of human feelings». 





The art critic gets down to business: «His works are born from the “fog, as when we were born: we could not see, but we experienced the feeling that there was a person who was loving us, who welcome us… The creature knows nothing, but he feels protected... That’s what Domènech-Sánchez is looking for. 





The artist, after expressing his gratitude, answered some questions. First, about some changes and additions to his current topics: among other things, he explains that, in addition to silences, he tries to incorporate enigmas, such as the watches without needlesThese enigmas are opened to the interpretation of each one: “The poem belongs to who reads it”, he told us.


More questions! Josep Domènech has moved his studio (he comes from the world of wood-working). «I have “retired”, so, that is, I have got more freedom of action. I am the same, but I have been able to introduce research and renewal into my artistic work». 





















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