Inauguration of Tatiana Blanqué (5th april 2018)


The director of the Rusiñol Gallery, Mr. Ignasi Cabanas, is presenting the artist Tatiana Blanqué: “Tatiana is a young painter, very creative; we have known each other for a long time and we are very happy to present her today”.




Mr. Josep M. Cadenais speaking: “Tatiana has brought us the spring to the Rusiñol Gallery”. The art critic adds that she is a very demanding artist and that she has a great projection both in Catalonia and abroad. Tatiana’s work is figurative with an important significance. 





Mr. Cadena has talked also about the trees and their symbolism in Tatiana’s painting. Trees are the representation of all of us, that is, of society. The tree also represents the family and, like the human being, is born, grows and develops. In each of these paintings, and through the trees, a feeling of the artist is represented, and the viewer can make his own since these paintings are open to everyone’s sensations. 





And now it’s Tatiana’s speaking time. The artist begins by thanking the support of the attendees. She says that her work —in its background— is neither about trees nor about landscapes, but an anthropological reflection. The tree is part of nature and this is the most authentic area we have in society. “I work very slowly, as nature grows slowly, and here there is a parallelism. In short, the title of the exhibition gives a very clear track of what I’m looking for”.



We had time for the attendees’ questions. —“How did you come to want to paint trees?”. She answers: —“Before the trees I did architectures; but I needed to go out: with the trees I found the way to do it”. Another question: —“Is there any Japanese influence on your painting?”. —“I think so. I am interested in their philosophy of life. I’m interested especially in walking slowly and concerned in enjoying what we have”.




















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