Inauguration of Óscar Borrás (November 20th 2009)


Oscar Borràs has brought us an air of optimism, joy and hope: his work -“Mediterranean Paradises “– is a mirror of his “heart”, that lives -not out of naiveness but of an interior depth –  a joyful life which introduces us in a happy world.

02-oscar-borras«Let us welcome this painter who has arrived from afar». Ignasi Cabanas reminded us that this is the second time Óscar Borràs exhibits at the Rusiñol Gallery: it has been easy for him to come back after so many years «His paintings incorporate a great explosion of colour and imagination. It is a painting that reflects the paradise we would all like to go to: it is the image of Heaven. Furthermore, they add an ecological meaning: these paintings invite us to be grateful for this wonderful nature that surrounds us».
03-oscar-borras «The weather is fine! Our friend Cabanas has though of everything, even of the weather being good so that Borràs could come». After this little joke, Josep Mª Cadena gets to the point: «You have all heard about the terrenal paradise. One of the best explanations can be found in the Bible (…). But all that happened before we were aware of Borràs’ paintings. His, is not the “paradise of the snake… “: it is a today’s terrenal paradise…, which tells us there is no crisis. It suggests a well organized society…».
04-oscar-borras «Óscar Borràs’ painting is imaginative, deep with colour and involving a line of reasoning per se: it tries to explain an ideal society, that is: the true way to understand each other. Here we can appreciate the ideal way to build a better organization, where all virtues can be found in every vegetable and…, perhaps in all persons, too. We do not get tired of looking at these paintings: we can always discover something new. The artist has created birds, while concurring with Darwin’s anniversary… Óscar: you are a Darwin of painting!».
05-oscar-borrasÓscar Borràs has the word: «Just by getting to Sant Cugat I have had the feeling I was entering the paradise… How do I get my inspiration in this hurried world? Life is simple, but we people tend to complicate it. I try to avoid any complication. I revive the simplicity I carry with me since I was a child».
06-oscar-borrasThe artist tells us about his background. His father was a painter and he studied a technical career, never to be exercised. But, both circumstances have been basic, like reinforcement.
07-oscar-borras«In my paintings I want to reflect a sensation of peace and optimism. I remember a story many years old. I had to dispatch a painting. I arrived at the transport agency with my painting without any packaging. The head asked me what it was: -A happy island. -Are you the author? -Yes. -Where are you sending it? -To a painting contest. -Then, this painting is not going anywhere, because I am buying it. Since that day, that person has it hanging behind his table full of papers and problems. He was someone totally alien to art, but that painted transmitted him a sensation of optimism. He liked it though he did not know me for, in those days I did not have to-day’s name».
08-oscar-borrasIn the delivery of the prizes and in the raffle of Oscar Borràs’ art note, his wife, Ada, participated along with her daughter Greta, as the “innocent hand”.
09-oscar-borras An open and simple man, Óscar Borràs attended all those who wanted to speak with him to comment on his paintings. Here we can see him while making the interpretative exegesis of his painting Mediterranean spring.



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